Thursday, 22 March 2012

More cakes and Wilma's clothes

So, here is - only with a delay from about 4 months since my last post, somtimes time flies - my new post about the bakery and Wilma's new clothes lol...

Ah and well, maybe you recognize my new header for springtime, it's for free from ITKUPILLI. You find a link on this blog on the sidebar. I love these images :)

It was so much fun decorating the shelves with all the cakes and pastry that I've been collecting over the last years. Sadly I don't remember all the seller and artists who made the cakes...

- 3 cakes on the top shelf: bought at
- 2 cakes on the middle shelf: the seller's ebayname is ambourxx

- 7 cakes on the top shelf: the seller's ebayname is ***mini2hase***
- wrapped wafer biscuit and peppermint drops: the seller's ebayname is smiletigger

And here is my attempt to make clothes for this beautiful doll. I didn't have any pattern and the result isn't perfect, but I'm quite happy with it... and I hope Wilma likes it, too :)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Profiteroles Tower and Giveaway by Pei Li

I'm a little late joining Pei Li's wonderful giveaway. But the theme fits perfect to my bakery, because now comes the fun part and I'm filling the shelves with all the little artworks I was collecting over the last years. And here is one of Pei Li's masterpieces. I'm very proud to own it, so it deserves a place in the first line :) It's beautiful, isn't it!

And of course I would love to win these gorgeous christmas themed cupcakes. I love the idea and colours!
Please skip on over to Pei Li's blog and try your luck!

In my next post I will show more of my filled shelves and you remember Wilma Wendelstein in the previous post? I will show her new clothes... :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bakery and Arnhem purchases

Here is my bakery. Even if it looks like it is finished, well it is finished almost, only a few things to do... I started building it a few years ago and this is how it looks so far.

I bought the furnitures from Beate Holzner on Ebay she also sells her miniatures on the Arnhem fair. The furniture are made of plywood, so first I had to prepare them (all shelves edges) with a kind of plaster for wood, then I had to sanded them a lot, than pained them twice and at last gave them a layer of varnish, so a lot of work...

I built the room box for the bakery by my own design in the same way and size like I built the boutique.

And here comes my treasures from the Arnhem fair:

Garden table and chair by Piamini, pottery by Elisabeth Causeret (except the teapot, it is by Jason Feltrope) and the basket is made by Will Werson.
The fruits on the table are by Kiva, the cupcake is by Lory and the book by Michaela.

And last but not least here is a lovely little person who wants a job in the bakery. She only has to get a few new clothes...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bathroom and Welcome!

Haven't posted for a while, I had problems with posting and leaving comments on blogs. I saw that other bloggers also have had problems...
But anyway, now it worked again and here are some pictures of the bathroom. I made the washing table by myself.
And a warm Welcome to all my followers :)