Thursday, 25 November 2010

Progress with the shop...

...and a beautiful new miniature that I bought from Susanne at her Petit Brokante Shop. Look at these two lovely wreaths with rusty leaves in a wonderful box...

I also made progress with my shop!
In the edges of the ceeling I was glueing some white painted moldings and made a notice board from green grey fabric and a picture frame.

In the corner of the box you can see some grease spots where I tried to put on some shelves to see how they look there. I fixed them with a kind of blue plasticine which left these remnants. On the pic below you can see the new backwall I've made for the box because I thought the old wallpaper was not convenient for the shop...

At last I painted the wooden columns white and glued them in front of the box! Now I can put a transparent perspex sheet from above behind the columns and it will stick firm, so no dust will come into the box. All I have to do now is to paint the furnitures, which sound more simple as it is in fact, because it will be very time consuming...


  1. It looks lovely and your furniture is lovely, can I ask where you bought it? Your little notice board is so cute :)
    Julia xx

  2. Hi Nicole, nice to meet you. Your shop will be lovely, the furniture you bought is truly truly pretty. Where did you buy it? See you soon, Rosanna

  3. Hi Julia and Rosanna, glad you both like my shop and the furnitures :-) I bought them on! The german ebay sellers name is miniastern! They make really nice furnitures mostly from plywood, which means that first I have to prepare them with a kind of plaster for wood, then sand a lot, then painted it, sometimes two times... a lot of work to do :-)

  4. Hola Nicole, muchas gracias por tus palabars en mi blog, tu tienes unas cosas preciosas, me han encantado, tengo que mirar con ams detenimiento tu blog, tambien aprovecho para felicitarte las navidades, FELIZ NAVIDAD ¡¡¡¡, muchos besos