Sunday, 26 September 2010

I'm new in blogland!

Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm collecting (in full possession of my mental power as an adult, not counting the two or three minis that survived from my childhood) and crafting miniatures for over five years now. And I'm addicted to minis probably since forever. Started in my early childhood when I saw the great dollhouse of a playmate...
Hmm... and why I called the blog Blue Soup Miniatures... I don't know... everything else I was thinking of was already taken by other bloggers so this popped into my mind from nowhere... or may be there was a book where I read a funny story about a blue soup... so it doesn't mean sad, it means colourful blue like the colourful world of miniatures.

This little dog was one of my first miniatures when I was a child. It survived about for over thirty years now! It's made of resin or may be a kind of porcelain!?! The two containers under the table are made by me from hat straw, they are meant for sewing utensils as you can see in the front, I also made winding for lace.

And yes it's a small copy of The Little Prince you see here.