Saturday, 21 May 2011

Progress with the roombox

Please click on the pics to enlarge

I'm not satisfied with the quality of the photos. My camera isn't good anymore, have to buy me a new one...
I made the door from wood and cardstock and painted it with white acrylic paint, than I added some "dirty" paint water.
Most of the accessoires you see here and in the following photos are bought from different seller years ago, mostly on Ebay or on fairs. I just do not remember all names! The only miniature I remember here is the little giraffe. It's made by twelfhdimension on Etsy.

I designed and build the cupboard and shelves from wood by my own design. First I wanted to build a bench between them with a window, but I decided not to...  The doors can be opened, but they are not really working, they are stuck into the cupboard, they have no hinges yet. The two little doors above can not be opened.
This is the small table I showed you in the previous post. I glued all the small mosaic stones on it... a lot of work and (surprice, surprice) it isn't finished right now, I still have to plaster it with some sort of cast.

The two sewing baskets are made by me
Even though it seems like the room box is finished, it isn't! There are some things I still have to do, like moulding for the ceeling and the floor... or the cupboard, shelfes and chamber wall panelling need more paint, they are too white and clean!

Monday, 2 May 2011

New old room box and glitterchurch kit

Two years ago or so I started to build this room box that I designed by myself. These days I decided to take it out of the "drawer" where it has hidden over the time and try to finish it. Here are the first pics before finishing it.

I think the two rooms will be a bathroom and a sleepingroom or nursery. I'm not sure yet.

Hope to show you the progress I will made in the next weeks, hopefully!!!
I also started to make this little table. I glued all these small colourful stones on it. Than I have to paint it.

Aaand here comes the wonderful glitterchurch kit from the very talented Karin Corbin which I won as a party favor on her blog. Thanks once again Karin, when it is finished I will find a nice place for it :-) It's 1:288 scale, so very small but building it was working good, but I'm not finished yet! What a surprise, my list of unfinished project grows and grows... ;-)
It's colour is peach, very lovely.