Thursday, 22 March 2012

More cakes and Wilma's clothes

So, here is - only with a delay from about 4 months since my last post, somtimes time flies - my new post about the bakery and Wilma's new clothes lol...

Ah and well, maybe you recognize my new header for springtime, it's for free from ITKUPILLI. You find a link on this blog on the sidebar. I love these images :)

It was so much fun decorating the shelves with all the cakes and pastry that I've been collecting over the last years. Sadly I don't remember all the seller and artists who made the cakes...

- 3 cakes on the top shelf: bought at
- 2 cakes on the middle shelf: the seller's ebayname is ambourxx

- 7 cakes on the top shelf: the seller's ebayname is ***mini2hase***
- wrapped wafer biscuit and peppermint drops: the seller's ebayname is smiletigger

And here is my attempt to make clothes for this beautiful doll. I didn't have any pattern and the result isn't perfect, but I'm quite happy with it... and I hope Wilma likes it, too :)