Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas tree!

I made this little Christmas tree and decorated it with some ornaments I bought some time ago on a fair. Of cause the tree needs a lot of more decoration... I also made the tiny wreath!

I also made this little laser cut kit I bought on a fair from Volker Arnold for my 1/144 scale house. It is unbelievale tiny and the drawers work!!!

To show how small it is  I laid a matchstick next to it.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Progress with the shop...

...and a beautiful new miniature that I bought from Susanne at her Petit Brokante Shop. Look at these two lovely wreaths with rusty leaves in a wonderful box...

I also made progress with my shop!
In the edges of the ceeling I was glueing some white painted moldings and made a notice board from green grey fabric and a picture frame.

In the corner of the box you can see some grease spots where I tried to put on some shelves to see how they look there. I fixed them with a kind of blue plasticine which left these remnants. On the pic below you can see the new backwall I've made for the box because I thought the old wallpaper was not convenient for the shop...

At last I painted the wooden columns white and glued them in front of the box! Now I can put a transparent perspex sheet from above behind the columns and it will stick firm, so no dust will come into the box. All I have to do now is to paint the furnitures, which sound more simple as it is in fact, because it will be very time consuming...

Monday, 8 November 2010

Another new project...

I started to prepare this baby house cabinet to install lighting and wallpaper...

I bought these teeny tiny 1/144 scale furnitures some time ago on a fair. Look at the cute accessories and cakes...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A very friendly witch and bearcabinminiatures giveaway!!!

This could be grandma Lucy dressed like a very elegant witch for Halloween or a real very friendly witch who likes a graceful style, who knows... ;-)

Ok, but to make her not look too elegant ;-) I have made her a simple black scarf for her shoulders, which isn't made perfect at the seams!
The necklace in black and orange is bought!

I've made this witch hat from hat straw, inspired by Kat the hat lady's fantastic hats! The hatpins are made from a KIT...
(I've got some awesome original hats from Kat the hat lady, will show them some other time here on the blog)

I bought this wonderful doll some time ago from a very talented artist who sadly doesn't make dolls anymore! I got it with a very fine hand painted face and assembled as you can see it in the picture above. I think it's made of a casting pattern of a Cynthia Howe model! She has a really beautiful face... and I tried to make her a witchy dress out of black and purple fabric with black lace without any pattern, so I had not much experience with sewing clothes and for one of my first attempts I'm very happy with the result...

Also wanted to make a wig of red hair, but wasn't sure, because I know somewhere I have grey hair and maybe that fits better!?!

And now: the wonderful GIVEAWAY from BEARCABINMINIATURES
Please visit their blog for further information!

Happy Halloween :-)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A new project

I decided to build a wooden box for a shop. I'm not quite sure of what it will be, maybe a perfumery, so I also started to make little perfume bottles, but I'm also thinking of a shop for sewing utensils or maybe a boutique where you can also buy jewelry...I don't know, we'll see!

I designed this simple box by myself and bought the wooden boards for it in a home improvement store where they also cut the boards into the right size.

I think the wallpaper is not convenient, liked it so much when I saw the colours and images, but I think it's not fitting for the shop...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I'm new in blogland!

Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm collecting (in full possession of my mental power as an adult, not counting the two or three minis that survived from my childhood) and crafting miniatures for over five years now. And I'm addicted to minis probably since forever. Started in my early childhood when I saw the great dollhouse of a playmate...
Hmm... and why I called the blog Blue Soup Miniatures... I don't know... everything else I was thinking of was already taken by other bloggers so this popped into my mind from nowhere... or may be there was a book where I read a funny story about a blue soup... so it doesn't mean sad, it means colourful blue like the colourful world of miniatures.

This little dog was one of my first miniatures when I was a child. It survived about for over thirty years now! It's made of resin or may be a kind of porcelain!?! The two containers under the table are made by me from hat straw, they are meant for sewing utensils as you can see in the front, I also made winding for lace.

And yes it's a small copy of The Little Prince you see here.