Thursday, 21 October 2010

A new project

I decided to build a wooden box for a shop. I'm not quite sure of what it will be, maybe a perfumery, so I also started to make little perfume bottles, but I'm also thinking of a shop for sewing utensils or maybe a boutique where you can also buy jewelry...I don't know, we'll see!

I designed this simple box by myself and bought the wooden boards for it in a home improvement store where they also cut the boards into the right size.

I think the wallpaper is not convenient, liked it so much when I saw the colours and images, but I think it's not fitting for the shop...


  1. I love your perfume bottles. They look great!

  2. Ah ha! So that's how these little bottles are created - I just assumed all the bits were glued and stacked on their own.

    This looks are great project to follow - definitely keep the pics coming.

  3. I'm glad you both like my new project. Will see where it leads me to... and of course, Irene, will hope to show you more new pics :-)

  4. You've done a great job making your own box. Love the little bottles you are making too. So happy you started your blog. :D

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Kathi! Will skip over to your blog... :-)