Monday, 2 May 2011

New old room box and glitterchurch kit

Two years ago or so I started to build this room box that I designed by myself. These days I decided to take it out of the "drawer" where it has hidden over the time and try to finish it. Here are the first pics before finishing it.

I think the two rooms will be a bathroom and a sleepingroom or nursery. I'm not sure yet.

Hope to show you the progress I will made in the next weeks, hopefully!!!
I also started to make this little table. I glued all these small colourful stones on it. Than I have to paint it.

Aaand here comes the wonderful glitterchurch kit from the very talented Karin Corbin which I won as a party favor on her blog. Thanks once again Karin, when it is finished I will find a nice place for it :-) It's 1:288 scale, so very small but building it was working good, but I'm not finished yet! What a surprise, my list of unfinished project grows and grows... ;-)
It's colour is peach, very lovely.


  1. Dear Nicole,

    The room box is amazing! I'm already liking how it looks now, and look forward to see how it turns out!
    I love the wall and floor tile papers. They are so lovely!!

    Pei Li

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Pei Li! I really appreciate it :-) The photos showing in my post are not so good, a little bit to dark... the colours are not so pale. I will show you better pics when I made progress, hope you will still like the colours than!

  3. Me encanta el zocalo de madera, se ve tan real, es perfecto, mesa es genial¡¡¡ tengo ganas de ver el mosaico terminado, muchas felicidades,un gran trabajo.

  4. Susi, I'm so sorry, your comment vanished, probably blooger deleted it without any reason! Anyhow thank you for your lovley words :-)