Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bakery and Arnhem purchases

Here is my bakery. Even if it looks like it is finished, well it is finished almost, only a few things to do... I started building it a few years ago and this is how it looks so far.

I bought the furnitures from Beate Holzner on Ebay she also sells her miniatures on the Arnhem fair. The furniture are made of plywood, so first I had to prepare them (all shelves edges) with a kind of plaster for wood, then I had to sanded them a lot, than pained them twice and at last gave them a layer of varnish, so a lot of work...

I built the room box for the bakery by my own design in the same way and size like I built the boutique.

And here comes my treasures from the Arnhem fair:

Garden table and chair by Piamini, pottery by Elisabeth Causeret (except the teapot, it is by Jason Feltrope) and the basket is made by Will Werson.
The fruits on the table are by Kiva, the cupcake is by Lory and the book by Michaela.

And last but not least here is a lovely little person who wants a job in the bakery. She only has to get a few new clothes...


  1. Your bakery will be wonderful with all these super furniture. You did a great job painting the furniture. I love the ceramics you bought.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Drora! I really appreciate it :)

  3. Your shop is getting beautiful!
    You made ​​great acquisitions in Arnhem fair.

  4. Your bakery looks really wonderful. I love the roombox that you have made and all of the shelves that you have painted! Great purchases at Arnhem. I love the little person who wants to work at the bakery. She will look perfect!

  5. Me Encanta como esta quedando tu nuevo proyecto, las estanterias estan preciosas.
    La dependienta que da genial, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

    Por cierto unas preciosas compras.

  6. Bakeries are my favs! Can't wait to see it with a lot of fresh bread and sweets! :)

  7. Your furniture looks pretty elegant. I bet the bakery will look noble when it's done. If so, then you should post the pictures of it!

    Dylan May

  8. The Room box was your own concept? Wow, it's simple, yet elegant and neat. I also saw the boutique you've linked to. The design is pretty wonderful too. So will you hire Wilma Wendelstein? LOL.

    Jamie Shellman